Whether you’re an established business or a newcomer, the online presence such as websites or social media profiles add legitimacy to your organisation and give customers a means to explore your products and services. A well-designed and thoroughly optimised digital communication can do wonders for your business’ marketing strategy but it’s important to get it right from the start.



  • Digital Communications Strategy

    Define the key business and communication objectives.
  • Web Analytics

    Analysis and optimisation of ROI. Advanced reporting, data visualisation.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Effective techniques of paid & organic promotion on search engines.
  • Display Advertising

    Video, banners & reach media advertising on the Web.
  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing to either your existing or new database.
  • Social Media Ads

    Advertising on social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • Mobile Ads

    Advertising mobile applications and in mobile applications.
  • Landing Pages

    Design and optimise the foundation of each online campaign.

What we have done

Maybe, we are a beautique interactive agency, but we have built a robust team, which is capable to deliver best quality digital projects when it comes to business communications online. Here is a collection of some of the work completed by Yggdrasill.


Frequently Asked Questions

We work primarily with Small and Medium business clientele located in Australia and Europe. We work primarily in industries such as: construction, automotive, professional services, software, and technology.

As we're located in Poland and Australia we work actually around the clock.

SEO is important because it’s an art of being fund on seach engines like Google. If you own a business or manage a website of any kind, you likely want target audiences to visit it.