28 Nov 2021

12 Principles of Business Communication

#1 Do not broadcast. Communicate!

Great communication is always 2-way communication. Provide solution-based information. Effective two-way communication is required in order to solve problems better.

#2 Know your audience

Knowing the audience is crucial to any marketing strategy. Remember, you communicate with various clients from various sectors.. Tailor your message. Choose channels wisely. The right medium might determine a successful campaign.

#3 Be open and honest

Authenticity is vital in creating effective, efficient business relationships. Authentic company is more trusted and believable. That trust builds up credibility. Hence, communicate not only large impressive projects but also small ones.

#4 Build positive partnerships/image

Avoid negative tunes. Show smiling faces, positive and enthusiastic people. A positive attitude upholds the “can do” culture of the company and makes work more enjoyable.

#5 Add value, be useful, attract

Make sure the message is valuable for the receiver. Make it unique. Show a variety of your products, solutions. The worthless message is annoying. Make afford: interview team workers, create an infographic or short video.

#6 Keep it simple but beautiful, stay expert

Be effective and efficient. Use clear and unambiguous language. Stick to the point to get the business you deal with. Find a balance between the form and the message. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pay attention to e.g formatting, bullet points.

#7 Call to action

Don’t make your clients guess. “Call to action” is the chance to motivate your audience to take real steps toward becoming a client. It can be the determining factor between a potential customer (lead) and a conversion (sales, predefined action).

#8 Check the surroundings, the context is very important

You do not operate on a desert island, communication will be interpreted by your clients. you must always have good practises and legal aspects in mind.

#9 Follow company values and style guide

Not all restrictions are bad. The most distinct campaign or media creation won’t be good if it doesn’t reflect the company’’s values. Style guide and core values should be in place.

#10 Get organised: plan well, prioritise and control

Plan things, jot things down, ditch the unnecessary and organise things that matter and remember, there are people happy to help you out anytime.

#11 Ensure quality - ask about feedback, double-check, follow up

Before pushing the button, ask about others’ feedback. Check for i.e. grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Follow up when necessary. Ensure technical quality.

#12 Provide feedback, respond quickly

Nobody wants to wait. Pick up phone calls, reply messages as quickly as you can. Provide feedback.